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I was a project manager with over 30 new homes construction as a track record and achieved an international recognized designation P.M.P. (Project management professional).  This knowledge and experience afford me to spot for building deficiencies and help you negotiate a better purchase price.
I have a broader knowledge of the very thing we buy and sell, to be specific I know
A. what each building element does
B. Whether the building element is working now or not and why it might not be working
C. More importantly, knowing the deficiencies of the very house we look at, afford us either to present a discounted offer or choose another house.
Although there are professional inspectors out there, but you do not want their service at every single house (their prices range from $400 to $2000 each house) that come across in your selection process.  And what good does it do with a report that says you are buying a problem house after the fact that, hours of negotiation have been spent and million of nerve cells have died.

Let me help you eliminate the worries and concerns when the time comes to make your investment decision.  I will save you money and many regrets from buying a lemon.  I will offer you extensive, unbiased and honest service.


Buying a home?

Your satisfaction is my top priority! I will take the time to listen to your needs and desires and help you find your dream home.

Selling your home?

I will get your home sold for top dollar and in a timely manner. My online and offline marketing programs give me the edge needed to make this possible.